Top 7 Benefits of Breast Augmentation

breast lift or augmentation?

Beautiful breasts are the ultimate dream of many women. Fortunately, the modern possibilities of plastic surgery make this dream more than achievable – a medical examination, an operation itself, several “recovery” months, and, finally, admiration of others. It would be enough to say that the breast of the desired size and shape is a weighty advantage and that is all. But the advantages of breast augmentation should be described in more detail – for those, who see only drawbacks in plastic surgery.

      Self-confidence. This is the most obvious psychological advantage of breast augmentation. Many cosmetic surgeries, including implantation, have a positive effect on self-esteem (if, of course, it was done at a high level). This was confirmed by a study published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science. It showed that the patients were happier about their appearance as a single whole, not just about the area of the body where the operation was performed.
      The feeling of youthfulness. Breast augmentation allows women to solve the problem by making this zone more youthful for a significant period. And along with it, youth returns to the whole body. A particularly large effect brings breast augmentation along with a breast lifting, which is often practiced by plastic surgeons.
      Good posture. In 2012, the researchers studied the changes in the lives of patients who underwent breast augmentation and concluded that some of them had significantly improved posture. The reason for this is not entirely clear, but it is possible that some patients began to pay more attention to their posture after the operation, that is, to walk with a straight back because they are proud of the new body shape. A correct posture is very good for health.
      Improving the quality of sex life. The more attractive a woman feels, the more pleasure she gets from sex. The perception of our own body is crucial to the emotions that we experience in bed. Numerous studies show that successful plastic surgeries, including breast augmentation, increase sexual pleasure in international single girls.
      Sociability. Women who are not satisfied with their breasts often show less self-confidence and demonstrate shyness. After breast augmentation, a woman’s self-esteem increases, and she becomes more relaxed in communication. Many women, along with increased confidence in their own attractiveness, acquired a much larger circle of contacts.
      Harmony. Breast augmentation often helps women of almost all ages acquire a more balanced body shape due to the appearance of a toned and rounded breast. In addition, this creates the illusion of a more slender waist, which also harmoniously affects the appearance.
      Expansion wardrobe. Many women simply don’t feel confident enough to wear tight-fitting tops, swimsuits, blouses with a large neckline and similar clothing. However, after plastic surgery, the accessible wardrobe expands, and women get great pleasure from it.