How Does a Woman’s Life Change after Breast Augmentation

breast lift or augmentation?

After breast augmentation, the woman’s life is divided into “Before” and “After”. This is quite natural since the plastic for changing the shape of the breast completely changes the self-esteem of a woman, her world view, habits and attitudes of close people. After mammoplasty a lady often falls into euphoria – she is filled with emotions and it seems that all the problems go away by themselves. Such a spiritual surge should be experienced correctly – a woman should comply with all the prescriptions of the attending physician, go through a period of rehabilitation, and walk with dignity through life with a renewed image.

First emotions after surgery are shock and joy

After the end of the operation, the first difficult days come when a woman needs to accept her new image and correctly follow all the recommendations. Ideally, the operation shouldn’t remain in memory as something extraordinary and weighty. A new breast shouldn’t be perceived as a masterpiece but as natural beauty.

  • 99% of women remember those feelings before surgery;
  • there begins the unconscious protection of the breast from all sorts of risks and injuries, which makes a woman dependent and fanatical on her own body;
  • even a small bruise, swelling, and postoperative complications cause shock and make woman afraid.

A lady should try to take the situation for granted and enjoy your beautiful body, not exaggerate fears and dwell on ordinary trifles.

The rehabilitation period is the main component of success

Of course, the postoperative recovery period should be carried out in a relaxed atmosphere. A woman should strictly follow the instructions given by the doctor:

  • don’t overload and forget about physical activity for several months;
  • sex life is not prohibited, but it should take place after a 2-week period in a “gentle mode”;
  • you can’t visit the baths, saunas, and pools for at least 2 months;
  • only after the removal of all restrictions by the surgeon, you can gradually return to the usual life.

There are “pitfalls” on the self-esteem of a woman after mammoplasty surgery. The lady risks falling into two extremes:

  • even greater shyness, stiffness, and low self-esteem;
  • pride in one’s own body, showing it from different angles, which can cause big problems in the future.

Both extremes adversely affect the lifestyle of a single ladies for dating and her perception of others. The first situation still has an excuse. A woman feels guilty for deceiving others and going against nature. Someone thinks that going under a surgeon’s knife to satisfy one’s own Ego is unworthy of a true lady. Others are just jealous of this situation. However, the situation will smooth out over time. A woman will take for granted her beautiful and sexy body, which will allow her to adjust her personal life and increase self-esteem. Even during an initial examination of a patient before an operation, it is difficult for a doctor to determine how self-esteem will change later. That is why the patient has to undergo many examinations, including a psychologist before plastic surgery.