Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma Claims Second Victim

June 26th Paris.

Le Parisiene reported June 26th, the second death and the 19th victim of anaplastic large cell lymphoma following a breast implant procedure. While reportedly “low risk” breast implants still remain a surgical procedure with all the associated risks.

Agnes Buzyn, the director of the National Cancer Institute reported announced that statistically breast enhancements are low risk, but the cases are growing.

Doctors are still unable to determine why implants sometimes cause these lymphomas. Joelle Manighetti who runs the blog for prostheses victims, also chipped in to say that the situation is getting “indeed serious”.
The first death was a woman who had Poly Implants Protheses, the second victim was reportedly using a different brand. Another six cases were also reported in Italy. In all 174 people have been identified worldwide, but the assessment is incomplete at this point.

The scientific community is attributing the link between the implants and the fatalities to an allergic reaction in some women whose genetic background would cause runaway T cells when a prosthesis is inserted.